Black Churches - Black Gold EP

sound: Alternative Rock. Indie Rock. dare i say Soul?

In a Delta Spirit meets Lucero world where Cold War Kids are more Indie [thereby unknown] you would probably find this little gem. This has been bouncing around for a while on my radar, but finally it is up in it's entirety on their bandcamp so i thought i would plug it. Black Gold sounds like a sort of seedy and rock folk grit you find sometimes in great bands like Colour Revolt or Band of Skulls. This EP has that charm but with a little something extra... Hats off to these cats for achieving such a unique sound on a record that flows perfectly one song to the next, check it out. Cheers!

FFO: Cold War Kids, Colour Revolt, Delta Spirit, Band of Skulls

download from bandcamp

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  1. Thanks for sharing...thought this was pretty cool. Really like 'Ivory' and 'Seasick' especially.