Black Churches - Black Gold EP

sound: Alternative Rock. Indie Rock. dare i say Soul?

In a Delta Spirit meets Lucero world where Cold War Kids are more Indie [thereby unknown] you would probably find this little gem. This has been bouncing around for a while on my radar, but finally it is up in it's entirety on their bandcamp so i thought i would plug it. Black Gold sounds like a sort of seedy and rock folk grit you find sometimes in great bands like Colour Revolt or Band of Skulls. This EP has that charm but with a little something extra... Hats off to these cats for achieving such a unique sound on a record that flows perfectly one song to the next, check it out. Cheers!

FFO: Cold War Kids, Colour Revolt, Delta Spirit, Band of Skulls

download from bandcamp


Atlas At Last: NEW SAMPLER!!

sound: Punk.Emo.Hardcore

Galaxies ahoy! 
Atlas has a new sampler, a bold foretelling of some sick punk to come. 
Hold on to your butts, and download these two songs RIGHT FUCKING NOW!  
Wow, can a band really grow and refine in this short amount of time?  Most impressive.

FFO [lets go wide spectrum]: Joyce Manor, My Heart to Joy, Single Mothers, [maybe early Touche Amore]


Month EP's

sound: Punk.Garage.Basement.Emo

FFO: Big Kids, Koalacaust, Echo Base

Holy shit, you would think since I've been sitting around for 3 months i could at least upload some goddamn music! Fear not non-existant brethren, here is a new band for your future summer jammings or winter sad time spammings. I have no idea how i came across this band, but I am obsessed. One part because it's all I have had to listen too, and two parts because i haven't wanted to hear anything but these 5 songs for like 2 months!!!! If these guys get around to putting these on a 7"or a cassette, I'm not going to sugar coat it for you guys,  my fucking head is going to explode. 

Basement punks, you will appreciate the warm fuzz of Dogs the song Few Demons will stay in your fucking head FOR ALL TIME! I have been singing this song soo much i think my boyfriend now knows all the words, and i don't even let him listen to the damn EP!

and the newer EP, Emo's pour your heart into the song Vernal  
"that equinox is vernal / and my baby is nocturnal ..."
What can i say, I am a sucker for songs that start with soo much fervor. I wish these Cleveland dudes lived in the buttfuck-of-no-where-Alaska like me so we could do a show with these guys. Bands that inspire me to buy specific pedals are very dangerous.


Disco Pansy! - [EP]

sound: Punk.Garage.Basement.

GARAGE PUNK IS ALIVE AND KICKIN! Big Kids fans rejoice people are finally embracing that FUZZ pedal as they should. Disco Pansy is a band from Sydney [jealous] and besides this demo i haven't found much else, its name your price on bandcamp. The song "Brick Walls" is like Surf Fuzz Punk fantastic! This looks like the making for something great 'gents, cheers.

FFO: Chalk Talk, Big Kids

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Single Mothers : S/T

sound: Punk. Garage. Basement 

I have been listening to nothing but this band for like 2 months. They are a bi-product of JB of Touche Amore or something like that. I've heard the  sound comparison but i would say it's two different breeds; one is like a sweet ass party and the other the depressing shit you play to make your parents think you're suicidal so they buy you a new guitar or something. Personally i think "Baby" is a fucking summer anthem. Cheers!

FFO: Heavy Breath, most things i listened to at 14


Echo Base: Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

sound: Indie.Punk. Emo

Infectious two piece from Florida. Catchy as shit, The Clippers better watch their ass.

FFO: The Clippers, Atlas at Last, Big Kids


Atlas At Last [EP]

sound: Punk.Emo

I am in love with this band. Especially the last song, pick it up for free from there bandcamp. Equal parts noodle, twinkle, and punk.

FFO: Joyce Manor, Single Mothers, Big Kids